Dreams of Here

‘Oh great’ cried my inner monologue. ‘I have to write a review. Not just any review but an ART review.’

This internal outburst was brought about as part of our reporting sessions for Brighton Journalist Works (BJW). Part of the course involved going to the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery to look at an exhibition called Dreams of Here.

So, after a while, I came up with this:

Art for art’s sake is not the case with Dreams of Here. A collection of work by three artists linked to Sussex that is currently on display at the Brighton museum and art gallery.

The gallery uses three rooms to display the work of Julian Bell, Tom Hammick and Andrzej Jackowski.

On a conscious level this approach appears normal. But reality is not the intention of this exhibition. It aims to take the viewer on a journey through the human mind. Each room subconsciously representing different regions of human thought.

Bell states that they share: “a belief in painting as a space for reflection, a space for giving substance to our sense of how life is shaped.”

Bell paints imaginary works but blends them with vivid details that add a touch of reality. His use of colour instantly draws the attention but it is the style in which it’s used that gives the impression of dreaming. A world that looks real but upon closer inspection becomes unfamiliar.


Next comes the work of Hammick, who uses brightly patterned paintings depicting the impact of modern-day life. On another level, it shows the encroachment of modernity clashing with mankind’s primitive nature. The dark walls and dim light further reinforce this element of the unknown.

In complete contrast to Bell, Andrzej Jackowski adopts a vague sketching style to take us into the dark recesses of the human mind.

The Voyage consists of 60 unframed paintings pinned to the walls. Scenes range from animals to dismembered corpses, each contained within small boxes; representing unconscious areas of the mind that can harbour comforting thoughts or disturbing ideas.

So if you want to examine the human mind from a completely different angle; go and check out this stimulating display.

Dreams of Here is on display until the 10th of June.