Turkey Summons NATO

Turkey Summons NATO

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Teeline Impressions: Life in the middle lane

The only margin in my shorthand notebook is the margin of error.

This currently stands at around 26.4%  and sits uncomfortably on my mental well being, like a Walrus atop a hedgehog.

We’ve now moved away from 60 word a minute passages and moved into the middle of the road speed of 70-90 words a minute.

I’m surprised at how much I’m able to take down at this speed. Its just a case of getting your brain in gear to bring the relevant outline instantly into your mind, only for it to be discarded a nanosecond later for another one.

Everyone else on the course seems to be coping with this increase in speed. Hopefully by the time of our exam next week we’ll all feel confident about taking down a 60.

(That’s not some modern slang for performing a hit on a pensioner, just in case you were wondering)

Speaking of old people, the world of Teeline does not sound like a very nice place to live.

Young people are constantly causing trouble, whether its vandalising parks or getting drunk in town centres. Various types of Councils are accused of mucking things up and there seems to be an awful lot of flooding.

When the residents are moaning about their lives they are often to be found at the Rose and Crown Pub, although this is now being knocked down to make way for housing, which will inevitably be flooded.

There is a thin silver lining to Teeline-ville however.

One of the numerous Councils put on new bus service for children, a new community centre was opened and a local history group had grown in numbers. Something which one would hope would prevent all the bad events from being repeated.

I know these passages are designed to test our shorthand vocabulary but would you like to live in a place like this?

Perhaps some follow up stories could be arranged for the passages.

Our homework for today concerns the decision of a county council to build more houses on a field. But not just any field, a field that has been in the conservation area for more than 100 years.

Why does the Council want to develop here? What sort of housing will it be? Will the badgers rise up to defend their sets from these foreign invaders?

If you have any suggestions to how this scenario could end, no matter how they range on the scale of sanity, leave a comment and we’ll see what can be done.